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Panhard PL17


tipo L4 prodotta tra il 1961 al 1962, colore azzurro originale ed interni color biscotto, 850cc, 2 cilindri, cambio a 4 rapporti. Si tratta di un interessante conservato, è Italiana da sempre, conserva libretto a pagine, targhe nere, è iscritta all’ASI. Viene venduto come progetto di restauro, ma è funzionante. Consigliata la visione di persona. Su richiesta, trasportiamo a destinazione.


We are quite sure that you would agree if we say that the Panahard PL17 is definitely one of the peculiar car on the market – even back at that time. The L4 type was manufactured between 1961 and 1962, when in Italy Fiat 500 and 600 were parked along our streets. Try to imagine what it meant to own a spaceship like this! The date of first registration of this exemplar is 1961. It is remarkable the fact that this Panhard PL17 is still finished in the original combination light blue painting (Panhard blue)/biscuit interior. It is powered by a 850cc 2-cylinder engine matching with a 4-speed gearbox. Possibly more interesting is the fact that this exemplar is Italian since ever and it is currently registered in Italy. It conserves the black plates which shows that the car was registered in Cuneo (CN). We offer it as restoration project, however it starts. Inspections are encouraged. On request, we can deliver to European destinations and to the UK.

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