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Renault 4


1958, tipo R1062-Sport, motore 748cc. Si tratta di una Renault 4CV restaurata in precedenza, ha interni nuovi rossi, carrozzeria in ottime condizioni, paraurti e coppe ruota cromati appena restaurati, carburatore appena revisionato. Possiede i suoi documenti e CRS.

Visione consigliata. Su richiesta, trasportiamo a destinazione.

Info e whatsapp: 335 82 62 808 Olivotto Gastone


Renault 4CV, 1958, R1062-Sport type, 748cc engine. This Renault 4CV was restored in the past but never assembled and finished. The red interior is new, the body is in excellent condition all around and it doesn’t show rust, the chrome-work has been restored, the carburetor has been recently overhauled. The car has his documents and CRS

Inspections are encouraged. On request, we can deliver to European destinations or to the UK.

Info and whatsapp: +39 335 82 62 808 Olivotto Gastone

The Renault 4CV was born during the second world war, in secrecy, in the Renault factory which was, at that time, occupied by the German troops. Only a year after end of the conflicts, in 1946, the prototype of Renault 4CV was presented at the Paris Motor Show where it was soon called “pat of butter” because of the ochre color of its painting, the same color used to paint the Africa Korps.

The real production of the Renault 4CV began only in 1947. The new Renault car was characterized by a 4-cylinder rear engine, 3-speed gearbox, drum brakes, it could reach the speed of 100km/h, which was a remarkable speed for that time, and had room for 4 passengers thanks to the position of the engine.

The success of the 4CV is not only due to the interesting features of the car itself, but also to the post-war economic boom, also driven by good marketing techniques. The Renault 4cv was imprinted in people’s minds: 4 doors, 4 cylinders, 4 seats, 4 wheels… all this offered at the price of 424.000 Francs, which was an accessible and competitive price if considered that the Fiat Topolino costed 125.000 lire more and it was a 2-seater only. Indeed, over a million exemplars of Renault 4cv were produced.

In 1950 the engines size changes from 760cc to 748cc to allow the Renault 4CV to participate to European competitions, entering the 750cc category. Indeed, the Renault 4CV competed in the Mille Miglia. It is interesting to note that in the 1950s, the Renault 4CV Grand Luxe changed its name into Renault 4cv Sport.

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