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MG B restoration

All our cars are carefully checked and verified before being sold. We often collect cars in the conditions in which they are found, it is our responsibility not only to make them aesthetically beautiful but above all to guarantee their functioning and safety on the road. This is our mission that has distinguished us for more than 40 years. Here is an example of in-depth restoration. Aesthetically the car was not bad, but after a thorough check we intervened by completely disassembling the 1964 MG B Spider.

The MG B has been completely disassembled of all its parts, to allow the inspection of the entire bodywork.

The surface of the body was completely stripped of paint and fixed in the defective points, in order to guarantee a homogeneous line of the paintwork.

The bottoms have been checked, verifying the solidity of all the mechanical parts of the frame.

The engine has been completely displaced from the frame, checked all its parts and repainted.

The car is completely repainted, of course with more primer and polish for the surface finish.

The motor is placed back in its seat.

Funds have been fully recovered.

This is the result. The color matches perfectly with the lines of this MG b and the beautiful new chrome. Each restoration or restoration is always documented with about 40-60 photos which will then be delivered to the buyer, in order to confirm the value of these beautiful cars that have made history.

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